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Villa Lobos Blanco

1oz $12 2oz $18

Villa Lobos Blanco presents aromas of cooked agave, citrus, and minerals, with touches of black pepper and cinnamon. Its flavour profile is rich with cooked agave, complemented by citrus, minerals, and a hint of black pepper, leading to a smooth finish with light spicy notes. This tequila is distilled in copper pots and rested in Stainless steel to allow the harsher alcohols to evaporate off, leaving a smooth, delicate flavour.

NOM: 1139
Region: Jalisco (Los Altos)
Cooking Method: Stone/Brick Ovens
Extraction Method: Roller Mill
Fermentation: Open-air in wood fermentation tanks
Distillation: Double-distilled
ABV: 40%
Other: No additives

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